Home Restoration Contractor Santa Rosa CA

Do you watch home renovation shows on television and get angry when old homes are torn apart and modernized? If so, we feel your pain. We’re the home restoration contractor you’ve been looking for.


We believe that great homes — of all eras – deserve love and respect for the way they were designed. If your home has been weathered by time or damaged by accidents, you need a home restoration contractor who understands the importance of authenticity. You need someone who will respect and honor the intended design of your home while restoring it to perfect condition.


Complete Restoration Services


We work with historic antique homes as well as more recent properties that need fixing up. You can count on us to the proper materials, use authentic techniques, and deliver a final product that is as beautiful and perfect as your home has ever been.


Our home restoration services include:

  • Wood floors
  • Molding, chair rails, wainscoting
  • Cabinetry
  • Staircases and railings
  • Siding and exteriors
  • Water, fire, or mold damage
  • Any other refurbishments as needed!


Detailed and Authentic Restorations


As an experienced home restoration contractor, we understand how to work with the architecture of houses in our area. We conduct the proper research and sourcing to ensure that you get seamless results that are true to the designs of the original architect and builder.


Think about all the details that a home restoration contractor must consider:

  • Matching all colors of paint, stains, mortar and other details
  • Working around original plumbing, heating, and other infrastructure
  • Custom replacement of handmade details like wooden banisters and molding
  • Repairing windows and window sills without losing the original design


With so many details to consider, homeowners should entrust their projects to an expert home restoration contractor. We take into account the history and design of your home, the materials and methods from the original time period, and the quality that you expect moving forward.


All homes need repair and upkeep as time passes. When that time comes, we understand that you may not wish to overhaul the property with trendy changes or out-of-place modernizations. We’re here to see your project through just the way you do want it.


Want your house to feel like new, but don’t want to make substantial changes? Get in touch with us to discuss your home and the work that it needs. You may be hesitant to begin work, but the truth is that a great home restoration contractor can restore your home to its former glory without altering from the style, materials, or finishes.


When you’re ready to get your house back into perfect, original shape, consider us your perfect home restoration contractor.