Designing your French House should be exciting not stressful

17 Jan Designing your French House should be exciting not stressful

“Living through a home renovation is like living in the wild, you do what it takes to survive.” Author Unknown

We thought this was a funny quote to lead into this French house blog post. This quote though only rings true for those people who aren’t prepared, haven’t chosen the right construction company, or are Tom Hanks and Shelly Long from the movie the Money Pit.

French House

I think we all can agree that going in to a French house remodel or any type of remodel is stressful but at the same time exciting. It’s a process that’ll try your patience and pocket book, but at the end of the day, you are going to have an exceptional French house, styled in your vision. McNeil Construction and Remodeling is pumped at the possibility of helping your vision become reality. So, before the stressful decisions begin on your French house plan, you get to choose the style of your French home. How fun is that?

What are some of the great characteristics of a French home you might ask? The styles all revolve around that beautiful French Country setting. Kitchens are central gathering points where friends and family convene to share a glass of wine and cook together. The exteriors are authentic and classic but with a new and cool feel. Here are some characteristics, designs and possibilities you can choose from.

French house Country Characteristics

  • Window shutters
  • Divided light, double-hung at windows
  • Small windows
  • Emphasis on hipped roofs
  • Narrow overhangs
  • Stone accents
  • Steeper roof pitches
  • Courtyard entries with low walls
  • Elliptical or arched windows and dormers
  • Asymmetrical swept roof lines (particularly at entry)

French house Country plans

  • Stucco, brick and/or stone exteriors · Steep roof pitches
  • Hipped roofs · Flared eaves · Red clay or simulated roof tiles
  • Turrets or rounded towers
  • One or two stories
  • Exterior chimneys
  • Tall, thin or multi-paned windows
  • Slat board shutters
  • Multiple gables
  • Highlighted brickwork atop door and windows

French house Country Exterior Possibilities

It goes without saying that there are a handful of possibilities for the exterior design for your French home. A French house exterior is typically a mixture of stucco and stone, or brick and stone, trimmed with painted timbers, windows boxes, wrought iron railings and brick or stone highlights around windows and doors. Here is a list and some links to some visuals so you can really get an idea of what might be in your future.

Stone & Timber

You can click this Stone and Timber link to get a visual of what a beautiful mix of stone and stucco might look like. It’s an extremely inviting styled French house. This style makes us feel like we pulled up to a ranch, and at any time you might see a Horse ride on by. It’s just a very warm and welcoming style.

European Manor House

We love this design because it’s a pure tribute to the 18th-century European manor house it was modeled after. This French house is an exceptional French countryside setting. Its traditional look makes us feel calm and at ease. It’s a smooth design and one you’ll be enjoying for years and years.


Just look at this French house style and authentic color. How authentic and new. The French house changes with the sun and rain. How cool is that?

Balconies, Entranceways, doors

There are a bevy of options at your disposal. From Iron balconies, to rounded authentic doors, to beautiful Limestone entrance-way pillars. Your French house design has so many fun and exciting possibilities for you to choose from.

Castle Style

Honestly, not everyone is hip to a castle styled French house. But, look at this french house castle design, It’s a marvel and it’s tucked in sweet country style setting. Not too gaudy but stands tall and strong in its confidence. It says, ‘Yes, I’m a castle! And yes, you love me.” I know we love the heck out of it.

Your Design

French houses are a special type of European architecture defined by sophisticated brick, stone, and stucco exteriors, beautiful multi-paned windows, and prominent roofs in either the hip or mansard style. From all the authentic and modern characteristics, plans, styles and designs, the possibilities for your future French house are abundant. This step shouldn’t be the most stressful for you. It should be a fun process doing the research and coming up with ideas and designs for your French house. Whether you’re choosing to remodel, renovate, restore or just need to talk about a French house plan, please contact us at McNeil Construction and Remodeling. We’d love to get you in to our offices and start the relationship and begin the process toward the construction of your French house.

“Here lies Walter Fielding. He bought a house, and it killed him.” The Money Pit

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