Home Additions Contractor Santa Rosa CA

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Expanding your home offers the perfect solution for getting the house you want without having to move. Our home additions contractor services will build you the space you need so you can enjoy your current home without the hassle of multipurpose rooms and cramped living. Extra rooms also bring extraordinary value back to your home, so it’s easily a win­win in the short and long term.


Additions represent much of the same concerns as building new construction That’s why it’s important to work with an experienced home additions contractor capable of handling full­scale building projects. We build room additions that work with your current architecture and style while transforming the property into a new and better home.


The Right Home Additions Contractor for Every Project


Home additions vary a lot based on your objectives, the layout of the house, and the surrounding landscape. Building outward adds considerable square footage and likely requires extending the foundation. Building up usually means completely remodeling the attic and roof and may require extending plumbing, electrical systems, and other infrastructure.


In any extension project, you need a home additions contractor capable of handling all of these concerns. We can help you decide how and where to expand your home so you getthe usefulness you want from the wisest investment.


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We offer complete home additions contractor services:

  • Decks, patios, porches, and outdoor living areas
  • New bedrooms, family rooms, offices
  • New bathrooms
  • Home theaters and entertainment rooms
  • Second­ floor additions
  • Garage additions
  • Casitas and guest houses


Working with a Professional Home Additions Contractor


The major decision of expanding your home requires the insight and expertise of experienced professionals. Home additions do more than expand your living spaces. New rooms can affect your outdoor spaces, the natural light inside your home, and how the house fits in with the rest of the neighborhood. You need a home additions contractor to help evaluate and decide the best course of action — and build the new room to perfection.


We’re passionate about providing the best results to our clients. When we serve as your home additions contractor, we strive to understand your goals for the project. We look at the big picture of what your home will become, and the fine details that will determine the quality of the addition.


About our home additions process:

  • We consult with you to understand your motivations and expectations for the expansion.
  • We work to integrate the design into your existing property.
  • We develop a plan that suits your budget and goals.
  • Our team builds to your specifications using our extensive experience and building skills to produce a seamless, high ­quality addition.


Whether you are welcoming new family members, starting a home business, or simply looking to increase property value, we’re the home additions contractor to trust for delivering beautiful new spaces that enhance your home.